NALUP policy


NALUP fits in the context of quality management both control of its products by a laboratory equipment of a new generation and according to international standards, on its quality control of the manufacturing process obeying a set of procedures adapted to the system put in place for the manufacture of high quality products overseen by the unit (responsible for quality management) function.


To do this, NALUP attaches as objective the acquisition of ISO 9001 in 2015 certification  which defines the principles constituting rules and advice to organizations to continuously improve their performance by focusing on the satisfaction of their customers, while taking into account the needs of the various stakeholders.




Our commitments translate into principles for action to guide the Group’s environmental policy and that lead us to:

  • Strengthen taking the environment into account in the design of our products and packaging
  • Develop ranges of products respecting environmental and social criteria.
  • Strengthen decision‐making into account environment in logistics activity.
  • Reduce the environmental impacts related to the construction and the operation of our units.
  • Regardless of the place where we operate, we will strive to minimize any damage to the environment resulting from our activities.


The aim of NALUP is to be exemplary not only by its economic and financial performance, but also by:

  • Enhanced environmental liability requirement.
  • Professionalism and listening to the customer.
  • Continuous Improving performance.
  • Human capital, first wealth of NALUP.

General Organization of NALUP


Location: Oil Terminal of Radès (Tunis)

  • Surface: 12 000 m².
  • Production capacity: 40 000 T/year
  • Equipment’s and Technologies:


Storage tanks for bases oil :

  • 4 storage tanks for bases oil totalling a capacity of 6 800 M/T


  • 3 Mixers totalling 30 tons for a production capacity of 40 000 Tons per year.

Intermediate tank product semi‐finished:

  • 4 intermediate tank total capacity 90 tones equipped with a flushing system and circulation system .

Storage tank product semi‐finished:

  • 8 storage tank total capacity 220 tons equipped with a flushing system and circulation system and with a compressed air bubbling that allows great flexibility of production.

Packaging and palletizing Solutions:

  • 2 filling lines (fill bottles and cans 1 to 5 liters– gravity/level); (gramme/kg) scales for checking fill weights).
  • 2 filling lines ( fill pail 15 to 25 liters – gravity/level).
  • 2 filling line (fill drum).

Warehouse finished product:

  • A warehouse finished product (Drums, pail and cardboard) with a total capacity of 5 000 tons.


  • Develop QC analytical procedures (SOPs) specific to product or customer as required Test product batches prior to filling. When approved, mark with appropriate labels where intermediate storage is utilized, product in each tank is re‐tested for approval and marked before releasing to filling line.